3 Teeth Whitening Processes Compared

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If you want to have whiter looking teeth and to feel more confident when you smile, then it is best to avoid certain behaviours. First of all, smoking will stain your teeth. The residue from cigarette tar will make your teeth look yellowish in many instances. Quite apart from anything else, of course, smoking is bad for oral health and can even cause cancer of the jaw and salivary glands. There again, whiter teeth will often appear less brilliant if you drink lots of staining beverages. Tea and coffee will both have an undesirable effect, as will consuming strong fruit juices or red wine. Drinking through a straw will help to avoid your front-facing incisors from discolouring in this way.

That said, if you do want to make your teeth look whiter, there are three main options.

1. Whitening Toothpaste

Perhaps the simplest teeth whitening process is to switch to a different sort of toothpaste. If you do so, then the toothpaste should contain a bleaching agent which you apply to your teeth every time you brush them. Look for a product that is designed to both protect your teeth from cavity decay as well as offering a whiter appearance because you should not compromise on tooth health solely for the sake of a sparkling smile. Most people find that whitening toothpaste is moderately successful so this is a good option if your teeth look white already but could do with a bit of improvement.

2. Dental Bleaching Kits 

When teeth are yellow or have suffered from excessive staining, you may find that the kinds of toothpaste designed to whiten them have little effect. If so, you could try a home bleaching kit. These are available in pharmacies and supermarkets these days. Although the application of bleach onto your teeth will make them look whiter over time, you may need to keep repeating the process because it is not long-lasting, especially if you continue to consume highly coloured drinks. That said, they can have a demonstrable teeth whitening effect.

3. Professional Teeth Whitening

Of course, you can get teeth whitening treatment at your local dental clinic. Because your dentist will be able to apply stronger bleaching agents, the effect of the treatment will be more instantly noticeable and longer-lasting. Equally, he or she will be able to tailor the treatment such that more stained teeth get longer exposure to the bleach, thereby affording you a much more even appearance.