Align Your Expectations: What Invisalign Braces Can Fix

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Invisalign braces are invisible to the naked eye, are comfortable to wear and can be removed for ease of cleaning — all of which makes them a great alternative to fixed braces. Despite not being fixed in place, clear aligners are also just as effective and can be used to correct a wide range of dental issues, not just minor straightening. Here are just a couple of those in more detail.


It is normal for your upper front teeth to overlap slightly. However, more severe cases are less common. Some patients wish to correct an overbite for purely cosmetic purposes, but there are other reasons you should consider too. Depending on the severity of your overbite, it could end up causing you pain or wearing down your teeth. It's possible to fix even a severe overbite, or deep bite, with clear aligners.


When your lower front teeth overlap your top teeth, this is referred to as an underbite. This is much less common and can cause problems with eating certain foods. Underbites may also create speech difficulties or exacerbate them. Luckily, clear aligners are an option for this problem too. However, in severe cases, your dentist may suggest combining clear aligners with surgery for an optimal result.


Similar to an underbite, your dentist would use the term crossbite to describe a situation where some of your upper front teeth sit behind the lower ones. This can cause bone wear and even tooth loss, and naturally, these conditions can be painful. As there is a lot of variation in crossbites, you will need to speak to a dentist to find out whether an individual case is treatable, but it is certainly possible that clear aligners could fix this problem for you.

Tooth Gaps

Gaps commonly appear between the two front teeth, but this term can be used to describe this situation in any part of your mouth. While front tooth gaps have been celebrated in the beauty industry in recent years, some people may prefer to close the gap. Large gaps, in particular, may leave patients at risk of gum issues. Ultimately, it's down to personal preference — but whatever you decide, clear aligners can absolutely close gaps in your teeth.

This is not an exhaustive list — and of course, clear aligners can also be used to straighten teeth or for minor aesthetic fixes too. It's just good to know that they're capable of treating so much more than this, too.