5 Signs That You Need Periodontal Treatment

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When it comes to dental problems, the earlier you handle the symptoms, the better. Acting on the symptoms before they escalate means that there is a higher chance of the treatment being more effective and the damage being rectified. However, with periodontitis, it's not always easy to spot the symptoms. By the time you're reacting to a particular symptom, you may need extensive and expensive treatment. Once you notice the warning signs of gum disease, you need to get periodontal treatment as soon as possible so that the periodontist can help to reverse the damage. Continue reading for 5 signs that you need periodontal treatment. 

Chronic Bad Breath

As mentioned, some of the early symptoms of gum disease are not obvious, which may influence you to wait a little longer before getting treatment. However, the trick is to never ignore any dental symptom. Halitosis or chronic bad breath is one of the very first symptoms of gum disease. If you maintain great and regular oral care and you still have persistent bad breath, it may be time for you to see a periodontist. 

Bleeding Gums

If you notice some minor bleeding after a minor dental procedure, there's no cause for alarm. However, if the bleeding is profuse, you need to take action against it immediately. It's a sign that a build-up of plaque is causing irritation and inflammation of your gum tissue. Often, bleeding gums are among the first serious signs of gum disease. With the right periodontal treatment, this stage of gum disease is reversible. 

Receding Gums

Receding gums occur when your gums pull back from the top of your teeth. However, when left untreated, the recession will worsen and cause the root of the tooth to be exposed, exposing it to bacterial infection, and in extreme cases, it could lead to tooth loss. However, if the periodontist gets to it in time, they may be able to reverse the trend and give you nice, healthy gums. 

Loose Teeth

By the time you get a loose tooth, your gum disease has already become an extreme case of periodontitis. To help preserve your teeth, you need to make an appointment with a periodontist immediately. Periodontal treatment will help avoid total tooth loss. 

Sensitivity To Pressure

You may not be able to notice your receding gums for a long time. However, you may notice increased sensitivity to hot or cold drinks and foods. If you experience this, then your gum recession may have progressed to a point where the roots of the teeth are exposed and vulnerable to bacterial infections.

If you notice any of these symptoms, ensure you make an appointment with a periodontist immediately. The earlier you get periodontal treatment, the higher the chances that the damage will be reversed.