Three Cleaning Tips For Invisalign Trays

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Invisalign is becoming a popular choice for both children and adults needing braces due to their lack of detectability whilst being worn. As someone who has been fitted for an Invisalign brace, now is the time to educate yourself on how to care for the tray on a daily basis. Not cleaning the tray correctly leads to stains, bad smells, and bacterial build-up. So, use these three cleaning tips to ensure your Invisalign tray is always clean before it fits over your teeth.

Rinse After Removal

Whether you are taking your tray out to eat or you are removing it at the end of the day, make sure you rinse the tray with clean water each time it comes out of your mouth. The tray contains bacteria which builds up on your teeth during the day. The more times you rinse the tray clean, the fewer bacteria are left in there to attack your teeth.

Clean The Tray Twice A Day

Every day you brush your teeth in the morning and the evening. As an extension of this task, you should also brush out the tray twice a day too. You should use a separate brush to the one you brush your teeth with so there is no potential for cross contamination of bacteria. You are brushing the tray to stop a build-up of bacteria because you don't want this bacteria attacking your teeth and causing cavities. Your dentist will advise on which products are best to brush out the tray.

Soak Your Tray Overnight

Once you have cleaned your tray, if you don't plan to wear it again that day, then it is important you put it in a solution to soak. If you leave the tray sitting out in the air, then airborne bacteria can settle into it. This is then another source of bacteria going back into your mouth to damage your teeth. Additionally, trays left lying around are susceptible to being damaged. You can purchase special cleaning crystals for your Invisalign, and your dentist knows where to source these. You can also store the tray in a denture-cleaning solution found at your local chemist.

If you have any further concerns about keeping your tray clean, ask your dentist for advice. They have a full list of dos and don'ts which will make sure your clear aligners stay in top condition and suitable for daily wear. Once you get the hang of cleaning your straightener, it only takes a few extra minutes of your day.