The Road to Teeth Whitening Has Many Paths

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Teeth whitening has become one of the top cosmetic procedures carried out by dentists. Many people place top priority on the appearance of their overall smile, and making the teeth appear whiter contributes significantly towards this goal.

Teeth whitening has become an increasingly accessible procedure. There are multiple products that can be used at home or applied by your dentist to ensure your teeth become whiter over time. As you embark on the road to teeth whitening, there are several paths you can choose to follow.

Whitening strips

One of the DIY and easily available options for teeth whitening are gels and strips. These products contain the active ingredient peroxide, which reacts with stains in the teeth to eliminate them. Gels are applied to the surface of the teeth using a delicate brush. After a few days of regular application, you will begin to see the results of the gel on your teeth.

Whitening strips have a similar working mechanism. Rather than applying peroxide using a brush, these strips already come with a peroxide coating that can be applied to the teeth on a regular basis (at least twice a day). You will typically need to use these whitening strips for a period of about two weeks.


Bleaching involves the use of gel solutions that contain a powerful bleaching agent. These solutions come in kits that are issued by your dentist to be used at home. They work by having a custom tray designed to fit your specific mouth structure.

The tray will contain a solution of bleaching agent that remains adhered to the teeth when you wear the tray. Most patients will typically use bleach once a day for about 30-60 minutes. Bleaching is an effective method of eliminating extrinsic stains in the teeth from food particles, beverages and smoking.


Whitening toothpastes have become more popular and effective home remedies for teeth whitening. They contain mild concentrations of peroxide and other bleaching agents that can polish the teeth and gradually remove stains.

When used in collaboration with mouthwashes, they can eliminate stubborn outer stains and whiten the teeth for several weeks.

Dental teeth whitening procedures

A teeth whitening procedure carried out in the dentist's office is one of the most effective pathways to whiter teeth. Dentists will typically use gels with a higher peroxide concentration. These gels will then be combined with UV radiation to provide powerful extrinsic and intrinsic removal of stains.

The professional dental teeth whitening process is capable of removing inner stains that are buried deep within the enamel.