What Happens If You Chip a Tooth?

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Although human teeth are extremely durable, it is possible to chip them with a surprising degree of ease. Firstly, if you happen to chip one of yours, then you shouldn't panic. You haven't lost your smile forever! Dental emergencies of this kind can be put right by professional cosmetic dentistry. It is more important after a chip has first occurred to make sure that you deal with affected tooth so that further problems don't occur.

Why Has Your Tooth Chipped?

Among the common reasons that people chip a section of tooth away is that they have suffered an impact. Falling face down might mean that your incisors get chipped, especially if your mouth takes the full force of the blow. Equally, it is possible to chip your molars when biting down to chew on something hard, such as a boiled sweet. If you already have cavities in your tooth, then the application of jaw pressure can make the likelihood of a chip greater.

What Can You Do?

Take steps to remedy a chipped tooth yourself before you are able to make a booking to see an emergency dentist. Minor chips don't tend to cause much discomfort, but larger ones can expose nerve endings in the mouth. If so, an ice pack may reduce the level of pain you feel. Avoid hot drinks which may cause sharp pain and use the other side of your mouth for biting and chewing. Take some suitable painkillers to reduce your discomfort, although make sure that your remain within the medical guidelines for the product you choose.

How Are Chipped Teeth Fixed?

Your dentist will make an assessment of your chipped tooth to see whether the section that has come away will leave sufficient damage to conduct root canal work. This is usually necessary if the chip has come about due to cavities in the enamel that were already present.

If the cusp of a tooth has been damaged, then your dentist may opt to repair the broken section with a crown. You may think that this is not necessary because chipped cusps don't tend to cause much pain. However, it is advisable that you have this sort of work carried out because the chip will make the internal part of the tooth in question much more susceptible to further decay from things like sugary drinks.

If you have chipped a small section of your incisor, then bonding may be used to make your tooth look like it did before the chip occurred. This is a cosmetic procedure which uses a composite resin made up to match your tooth's natural colour. When completed, the process often leaves your smile looking better than it did beforehand!