5 Different Ways You Can Whiten Your Teeth

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It is no secret that everyone desires a set of pearly white teeth. It can give you a self-confidence boost, a great smile and a great look in photos. If you are looking to get your teeth whitened, there are many ways to do it, either professionally or at home. Before you use any teeth whitening method, always do your research to make sure it is the right method for you. Here are five different ways that you can get your teeth looking bright and white:

  • Whitening Toothpaste: This is the most common and easy method for whitening teeth, while also the least effective. With regular brushing, these toothpastes work by removing stains on the teeth's surface and using bleaching chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide to make the teeth whiter. Depending on the type of toothpaste you choose, it can make your teeth up to a shade or two lighter with frequent use. Additionally, there are mouthwashes available that have teeth whitening properties.
  • LED Teeth Whitening: At home LED whitening treatments have recently trended worldwide due to many celebrities and social figures boasting its immense benefits. It has the ability to make teeth up to 11 shades lighter and can either be done by a professional, or at home with a teeth-whitening kit. A bleaching gel is applied to a mouthpiece and placed inside the mouth. An LED light in the mouthpiece is then switched on and stays in the mouth for 20 minutes before being taken out. Daily use is recommended until the desired result is achieved with results lasting up to 3 months.
  • Gels and Strips: Gels and strips are another easy and effective way to whiten teeth. You simply apply the bleaching gel or strips directly to your teeth and leave it for about 20 minutes for a few weeks. Results are long lasting with up to 5 months of whiter teeth.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening By your Dentist: While home treatments are easy and convenient, sometimes you need a professional to do the job. Dentists usually use a significantly higher strength of bleaching products than at home treatments, which makes this method very powerful. A whitening product is applied to the teeth and a laser or LED light is used in conjunction. The treatment can take up to an hour and results are usually achieved after a single treatment.
  • Charcoal whitening: If you are looking for something more natural, using a home made charcoal toothpaste may be a great alternative to traditional whitening treatments. Simply wet your toothbrush, coat it with some powdered activated charcoal and brush your teeth like you would normally and rinse. Charcoal is a powerful detoxifier, and in addition to removing stains, it is also effective in fighting plaque and stopping cavities from forming, making it a great treatment for teeth whitening as well as looking after the health of your teeth.

There are a variety of methods that can help you achieve that bright white smile. While professional teeth whitening is the most effective, other at home treatments can offer some great results too. Try out a method and see if it works for you. If you are pregnant, under 18, or have gum disease or another condition, don't forget to consult a professional first.