Tooth Straightening Options Adults Can Consider

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Straight teeth are not merely for the sake of aesthetics, granted, having straight teeth and an attractive smile is a confidence booster. However, straight teeth are also functional too as they can prevent an array of oral problems such as having an overbite, speech problems and more. Unfortunately, adults tend to be wary of undergoing orthodontic procedures. Especially if it is conspicuous such as metal braces. This is because it is typically associated with children and teenagers who are still growing into their teeth. Advancements in the dental industry though have created up other tooth straightening options that you could consider as an adult. Here are some of the tooth straightening options you could consider in your adulthood.


Although one of the newer methods when it comes to tooth straightening, it has steadily grown in popularity due to how discreet it is. With Invisalign treatment, the dentist will custom design a set of aligners for you. These aligners are made from clear plastic, which is what makes them virtually invisible once they are in place. Once these aligners are in place, they steadily shift your teeth into place, as long as you wear them as prescribed by the dentist. Invisalign is popular die to the fact that they provide you with the benefits as conventional metal braces, without having to deal with the metal brackets and discomfort associated with metal braces. It should be noted though that unlike metal braces that you will wear until the treatment period is complete, your Invisalign aligners will have to be changed out on a regular schedule. This is to facilitate the insertion of newer, tighter aligners until your teeth are as straight as you would want them to be.

Tooth contouring and reshaping

Another procedure you could opt for when it comes to tooth straightening is tooth contouring. It should be noted though that this procedure is best suited to individuals who have teeth that are misshapen, rather than having significant gaps between your teeth. With this procedure, the dentist will administer local anaesthetic before embarking on the process of reshaping your affected teeth. The dentist can also alter the length of your teeth if you find maybe they are too long and this what I makes them appear crooked. Tooth contouring and reshaping can be carried out either using a dental drill or using laser. Once the dentist has achieved the shape you would like, they will smoothen out the enamel and polish it, making your teeth appear as good as new.