Contouring And Reshaping – Know Your Dental Cosmetic Procedures

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Contouring and reshaping is a major part of cosmetic dentistry. It involves eliminating minor imperfections on your teeth so as to give you the perfect smile you want. Anyone can seek contouring and reshaping services if they want to perfect their teeth's shape and form.  A number of different treatments are carried out under this treatment. These include the following:

Shortening long teeth

If you feel your teeth are abnormally long, they can be shortened through a dental filing service. This is especially common for the front upper two teeth that are often larger than the rest. The dentist will shorten them to ensure they match with all the other teeth. Once done, the edges will be polished to ensure they feel smooth and natural.

Lengthening short teeth

If you have abnormally short teeth, the dentist can perform a gum lift procedure to correct the problem. Once the gums are lifted, a larger part of the crown will be visible, thereby making your teeth look longer.  If only a few of your teeth need to be lengthened, the cosmetic dentist will install a crown or veneer instead.

Bonding chips and gaps between teeth

If you have chipped teeth, the cosmetic dentist can correct this by bonding a composite resin or porcelain material onto the teeth. The added part looks just like your teeth and is cemented in place to create a firm attachment. Once done, the area is polished to give it a natural finish. Bonding can also be used to close any gaps present between teeth.

Trimming pointed or sharp teeth

If you have pointed or sharp teeth, the cosmetic dentist will carry out a filing procedure that will remove the rough texture and make your teeth's crowns smooth and more natural looking. This procedure also makes your teeth more friendly to your lips, gums, tongue and even other teeth.

Benefits of contouring and reshaping

  • All your teeth will look even and level. This not only improves your smile, it also corrects bite problems such as open bite (for short teeth) as well as over bite (for long teeth).
  • Any present teeth damage is reversed. If your teeth were chipped or roughened due to teeth grinding, processes such as bonding, filing and polishing will cover up the damage and get your teeth back to normal.
  • When veneers or crowns are used, your teeth will look whiter as well. This is because whiter veneers and crowns can be used to drastically change the appearance of your teeth.

Thanks to contouring and reshaping services, you will be able to enjoy a set of perfect teeth – all aligned with smooth edges and without any unwanted gaps, cracks or chips.