Do You Really Need an After Hours Dentist?

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Teeth problems can happen at all times of the day and night. An after hours dentist is there just in case an emergency happens when your regular place is closed, but they are there for emergencies only. It's important to determine whether your case can wait until the next morning or if you really need to get there now. Here are four tips to help determine this.

The Pain Is Excruciating

If the pain is excruciating, it could be stopping you from sleeping or may not have gone away after taking the recommended amount of painkillers. If the pain is stopping you from sleeping, seeing an emergency dentist is right for you. 

The pain does not just need to be in the tooth. It could be in the gum or elsewhere in the mouth or jaw.

You've Received Trauma to the Mouth

Trauma to the mouth needs to be seen to as soon as possible. Attending an after hours dentist is worthwhile if the trauma happened outside your own dentist's regular working hours. Trauma that is left unseen to could lead to other dental issues and may result in having teeth removed.

If you have received a knock to the jaw or suffered an accident, whether the teeth have been removed or not, you should call an emergency dentist to be seen immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Your Mouth Is Swelling

Swelling in the mouth is a sign that there is something seriously wrong. Now it is important to determine whether you need a dentist or doctor for this. If the swelling has been caused by an allergic reaction, there are high chances that a doctor will be required instead. If the swelling is due to mouth trauma or is accompanied by pain, a dentist may be the best option.

This is something you can talk to the triage nurse about when calling for out of hours care or attending the hospital. The nurse will know the best professional for you.

There Is Excessive Bleeding

The fourth common reason for emergency dental treatment is bleeding to the mouth. It is one of the first that Dental Health Services Victoria lists as a reason for calling for help. Bleeding is most commonly caused by trauma, but could also occur due to infection.

Not all tooth pain means a emergency dentist is required. However, it is important to assess your pain and your needs. Be honest with yourself and follow the guidelines from above. For more information, contact a local dental clinic like Moonah Dental Centre.