Understand More About Denture Repair

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Dentures are false teeth that are made of acrylic. They are made in such a way so as to fit snugly over the gum and are meant to replace missing teeth and fill gaps. This is essential since gaps formed by missing teeth affect the speech of an individual and their ability to chew food. Unfortunately due to wear and tear coupled with the changing mouth form, dentures need to undergo repair from time to time so that they can fit properly in the mouth.  This article will address the various denture repair procedures performed by dentists.

Procedures Available

Here is an overview of the various denture repair procedures available. It is important to remember that the extent and type of the denture damage will dictate the kind of repair that will be used. Denture repair can be done in two ways:

1) Simple repairs: This basically constitutes replacing missing teeth, filling down chipped teeth or fixing cracked teeth.

2) Repairs using impressions: Repairs using impressions are employed when there is extensive damage to the denture. Such repairs include procedures such as rebasing, relining or remodeling.

Denture Rebasing

This involves refitting denture teeth onto the gum base so that they are not loose. It can also involve changing the form of the gum base to fit to the changing mouth tissue and bone structure of an individual.

Denture Relining

This is also another dental care procedure that is done to compensate for the natural changes of the mouth. It is done since the dentures need to be adjusted periodically so as to avoid discomfort when chewing and gum irritation. Reline repair is done using the impression method. A putty-like material is used to make an impression of the denture area. This is then used to create a new surface or base for existing denture teeth.


More often than not when one cracks a tooth, one would be tempted to use the very common over the counter denture repair kits available. It is important to seek out a professional like Denture Doctor for denture repair since a professional will use the right quality products such as dental adhesive, special dental acrylic and professional grade teeth.

A good idea that you should have in mind in preparation for a denture repair is to have an emergency duplicate denture. These are usually conventional dentures that you can use during repairs. They are for short-term purposes and are usually less expensive.